Manifesting a Free Spring-Break Trip

This is one of my many manifesting stories as well as one of my first. In retrospect, I’ve realized that this manifestation taught me some important principles on the law of attraction. One of them is that the universe will always respond with something better than what you’ve asked for.

I was a senior in college when I discovered the Law of Attraction through Rhonda Byrne’s, The Secret. This was also during the time when I partied the most and was all about “livin’ it up” on my last year of college. I decided that I wanted to attract a free spring-break trip for my friends and me.

I made a list of all the things I wanted to attract. “A free spring-break trip for my friends and me” was among the list of other random things, such as large sums of money, a dream job, and probably a hot boyfriend. Keep in mind, that what I had in mind for my free spring-break trip, was some sort of crazy, drunken party on the beach in Cabo. Kind of like what you see on MTV.  For some reason, the free trip seemed like the least possible to attract, so I paid very little attention to it. I kind of obsessed about all the other things on my list and none of them came true. Lesson number one: Don’t obsess about what you’re trying to attract. Forget about it and let it go! 

As time went by, I forgot about the list. Spring-break was approaching and my friends Sheena and Eddie and I were on our way to a restaurant to meet a group of friends to plan a trip to South Padre. We planned on partying on the beach everyday for a week and paying for it. As we were waiting to be seated, another group of students from our school were leaving the restaurant, and they mentioned that they had just met up to discuss plans for their trip, which was organized by the school and called an “Alternative Spring Break”. They told us about how they would be going to a Native American reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota as volunteers to build bunk-beds for the community. We were so inspired by this, that we decided to see if we could go on the alternative spring break instead.

Like most volunteer programs, we still had to pay even though we were going there to work. However, because my friends and I were so active in the campus community, we were able to receive grants from the university to pay for our trip. The three of us had our entire trip paid for!

The Pine Ridge reservation is one of the poorest communities in the U.S. and the average household was crowded with more people than beds, so we spent a week building bunk beds. We also learned about Native American history, culture and spirituality.

This experience made me see how fortunate I’ve been to live such a comfortable life, and I felt so much gratitude for being able to serve others. It turned out to be such a beautiful and spiritual experience!

I didn’t realize that I had attracted this trip until after it was already over, and I was completely blown away by it’s magic!

Instead of coming home hungover and drained from the party in South Padre, my friends and I returned home feeling grateful and inspired by all the wonderful things we learned and did on the reservation. The universe definitely brought me something better than what I had imagined! Lesson number 2: You won’t know exactly how or in what form your desires will manifest, but you can trust that it’ll be something better than what you had in mind. The universe wants you to continue to grow and expand, and it will present opportunities that’ll give you just that!


Badlands in the northern portion of Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Photo credit:unknown